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The End of Terrorism

But evil men and impostors will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:13 ESV Terror is the defining evil of our time. With the dawn of every new day comes the news of another attack. Terrorism is a huge concern on everyone’s mind, but how shall we understand this insanity? What drives these beasts of carnage to wage their unholy war? I would suggest an inconvenient truth. But first, let’s examine how the world reacts toward terrorism. Each terror attack is met with the same running narrative. First, each and every angle of the horrific event is analyzed until we know every detail. At this point, one of the many satanic groups claims responsibility. What happens next

A Proverb a Day Keeps Stupidity Away

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…” Proverbs 3:5a Life is complex. Human relationships are thorny at best. Maybe you have thrown in the towel on both life and people. We are beginning a series in our church entitled, “How to get along with people.” I had a church member tell me that the way he gets along is to stay away from them. I think there’s a better solution. The Proverbs, found in the Old Testament, is a collection of wise sayings which, if followed, give us a path toward success in life. It has been said that they are “short sayings” drawn from “long living.” Written mostly by Solomon, they offer us a map through the minefield of human relationships. The benefit of reading the

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Exiting news! The Seventh Trail has just won the FAPA President's Book Award in the category of young adult fiction for 2020

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