The Cave of Spit-Yak


An excerpt from The Seventh Trail;


Sinking into a deep dream, Bisbee saw a man sitting on the other side of the fire. He was holding something in his left hand. Drawing long, labored breaths, the man was slumped over. A low, gurgling sound accompanied each breath as if he were choking on something. His head was covered with a thick, black, woolen hood.

Glancing toward the cave opening, his first impulse was to run, but decided against it. Whatever was across from him did not appear human. Bisbee backed up closer to the cave wall, calculating his next move. Where was Marnin?

Suddenly, the campfire flared up revealing the face of a demon. A long, jagged scar ran from its left ear and back around its neck. A steady flow of yellow mucus dripped from the corner of its mouth down onto its swollen stomach. Scaly skin followed swollen cheek lines to the bridge of its nose. The creature’s eyes, sunken and empty, were glazed over with a thick, crimson substance.

He tried to wake up but was unable.

Swaying back and forth, the demon abruptly stopped and with a voice like a thousand hardened screams, it spoke.

“Do you sssmell the blood?”

His heart pounded wildly. Bisbee could smell a putrid odor coming from its breath. With every passing moment, the creature conveyed a hellish horror, chilling Bisbee to his core. He looked down at his hands and found them covered in blood.

“It’s the blood of Pergum,” the demon whispered.

Unable to move, Bisbee watched as the creature extended its long, split tongue and began to lick the dried blood from Bisbee’s left hand. Retracting its tongue, the demon’s eyes dilated. A twisted expression spread across its face as it again swayed back and forth.

“You know who I am, don’t you?” Bisbee shook his head.
“You will when I’m done.”




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Exiting news! The Seventh Trail has just won the FAPA President's Book Award in the category of young adult fiction for 2020

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