Welcome to Bisbee's world. We are glad you are here.  The Clockmaker of Harness longs to tell you all about his journey to the Land of Charis and his discovery at the Well of Chayah. His adventure changed his life and he hopes it will do the same for you. 
            Bisbee's story is recorded in a book titled, The Seventh Trail; Journey to the Well of Chayah. As you travel with Bisbee, you will learn of Krillian the Dark, who threatens to destroy all that Bisbee holds dear and the shocking discovery he makes at the Well of Chayah. Walking with Bisbee through the tall pines of the Wilderness of Yabesh, you will feel his loneliness and long for his release from a past that has crippled him. You will meet his best friend, Merkel Miller, who owns the town bakery.
You will encounter  Marnin, a mysterious man whose love and
wisdom guides Bisbee to a freedom he never thought possible. 
But enough of all that, I'll let my friend Bisbee introduce you to the adventure of a lifetime.

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