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Our world is a mess and the cause is abundantly clear. We are desperately looking for something we have lost. We are like bewildered children, running through a dense forest, hoping the next clearing will lead us home. We are longing for a missing part of our true identity. Man’s Search for Cabadgery points the reader away from this world and toward the glory of God with clear cut paths and simple trail markers. It is God’s desire to pour out His abundant grace to you. It is God’s desire that you reach the place of Cabadgery.

Through a brilliantly profound book of spiritual inspiration, M.J. Gaylor explores man's journey through life, finding his way back to God—the true meaning of this journey. With amazing biblical insight, fresh revelation of life, and beautiful illustrations of God's love, Man's Search for Cabadgery: Discovering the Joy of Dominion invites readers to join God on this incredible adventure that will make life not only worthwhile, but worth living. Throughout the book, the author's work is beautifully written, with eloquent and illustrative expressions of the goodness of God, the journey of life, and the excitement that greets those who pursue a relationship with Christ. M.J. Gaylor effectively incorporates powerful description, vivid imagery, and literary devices to craft a skilled work that is engaging, entertaining, and emotionally enthralling.  The author masterfully balances the book's teaching between biblical stories and real-life application, motivating the reader with truth directly from God's Word while educating the reader with practical wisdom that will help them apply that truth into their own life. This balance also brings God's Word to life in new and exciting ways, encouraging the reader to dive deeper into the Bible and pursue an even greater relationship with God. 

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