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In today’s world, musing is a lost art that desperately needs to be rediscovered. Contrary to popular belief, we do not run further when we run faster. A full daily planner, that leaves little time for thoughtful reflection, leads to an empty, unfulfilled life. It sets aside one of the great purposes of life, to exercise the mind and stoke the creative spark within all of us. We need to muse and muse often. However, musing is only revived by a conscious decision to refuse the fast track of life in favor of moments in a rocker on a front porch. It is resurrected by a walk in the woods and listening to the sound of a stream. Musing does not occur while we are racing to our next appointment nor is it achieved by burying ourselves into the cushions of a soft couch and staring mindlessly into a television screen. We must choose to muse, because unless we do, we will miss out on the joy of living. A refusal to pull back the reigns, dismount the horse, and take a walk in the meadow, is to deny God time to teach us about himself and life.

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