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The Seventh Trail

 Journey to the Well of Chayah

            Welcome to Bisbee's world. We are glad you are here.  The Clockmaker of Harness longs to tell you all about his journey to the Land of Charis and his discovery at the Well of Chayah. His adventure changed his life and he hopes it will do the same for you. 
A recent review from Readers' Favorite Awards:
            The Seventh Trail: Journey to the Well of Chayah is a young adult adventure. It is dialogue-driven with a number of great scene-setting descriptions to aid the reader in familiarizing themself with the world and its threats. I enjoyed how each character had their own defined role and brought their own elements to the tale, like the baker who gathers information from gossip, all the way to our somewhat reluctant hero, the clockmaker, who sets out on a journey in the hope of saving all. I enjoyed following the exciting adventure as threat looms and a race against time begins to stop the coming danger. Imaginative world building combined with a well-paced third-person narrative give readers action, danger, secrets, and truth - all with a sprinkling of surprise.
K.J. Simmill
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