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Is Christianity Easy or Difficult?

It’s a simple question and yet it has disciples on both side of the debate. Some would argue that, if the believer is not struggling, then they are not progressing. Others would point to the truth that, greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. Living for Christ should be easy. I think C.S. Lewis gave us the best answer in his book, Mere Christianity. I recommend his writings on the question at hand. The following is an exempt from my book, The Well, in which I begin to enter the forum of discussion. If, after reading this blog you would like the respond, I would enjoy engaging in a forum.

The Well, Journey to Charis

Welcome to an adventure that only begins when you realize the journey is over. It is not a journey of the feet or of the mind, but one of faith. It is important to note that faith must be grounded in truth. The Bible will be our guide for the excursion ahead. Only by carefully following God’s Word, can we confidently know that we are treading a path that will be as solid as granite under our feet. This book you hold in your hands is a declaration of our emancipation from sin, but be assured of this, it is not built on a balloon filled with the hot air of empty promises. The truth that this book declares will set you free from the tyranny of sin.

Perhaps you have heard the old expression; “There’s an elephant in the room.” It means there is a topic that needs discussing, and yet, everyone chooses to ignore it. Although most avoid the elephant topics, those are the very subjects that need to be addressed.

The elephant at large in the church today, is the self-life of the believer, and this propensity displays itself in the sinful behavior of the followers of Christ. Unable to ultimately conquer this elephant, the church either ignores the beast or offers solutions that fall short of their intended goal. Within believers, the steamy dunghill of sin is addressed in distant theory rather than shoveled personally.

The Bible calls this elephant, the flesh, and it grips us in a perpetual state of bondage. According to the Apostle Paul, this condition of servitude to sin was never meant to be the ongoing experience of the believer.

Is freedom really available?

Freedom from this slavery to sin is exactly what Jesus promised us if we continue to follow Him. Since we know His promise is true then why are so few experiencing this freedom? Perhaps many have chosen to follow the teachings of men rather than Christ. There are those who attempt to lead us toward higher ground with empty platitudes and hollow drumbeats. They offer alternative routes to freedom; however, they all arrive at the same dead street of defeat. I know firsthand the torment of passing under promising rain clouds only to end up dry and in bondage. I am weary of books filled with experiences, opinions and positivity, which at best, provide momentary cheer but do not provide the key to unlock the prison.

There is a clear path to victory, and it can only be in found in the Bible. Jesus offers us an abundant, overflowing life, and it does not include bondage.

Get a big glass of water, you’ll gonna need it.

Much of what you are about to read will be difficult to swallow. I have made no attempt to sheath the two-edged sword of scripture. If you are hungry for truth, you will push the blade in deeper. The writer of Hebrews stated, “Strong meat belongs to those who are of full age.” Unlike the long list of books you may have tossed in the corner, I believe this book will point you to the truth of scripture. Simply stated, “There’s meat on these bones.”

The gateway leading into this amazing adventure defies logic. Even though it is available to all, there are very few who ever find it. Like most adventures, this path is not without hardship and sacrifice. Along the journey you will need to discard many things you have been taught. Many things that have been written on the chalkboard of your mind will need to be erased. With every falsehood you toss on the trail, your backpack will get lighter and lighter. The sacred cows of religious practices will need to be slaughtered. The countless edicts of men will need to be burned.

Although the journey has a difficult beginning, once the destination is reached, life begins to make sense. Like a plant responds to sunlight, soil and water, you will begin to grow naturally, and the ease of it will amaze you. Paul warned us not to allow anyone to move us away from the simplicity of Christ.

In stark contrast to the crushing weight of the constant pressing thumb of religion, the abundant life of Christ is light, carefree, and naturally spontaneous. Men complicate Christianity when they attempt to add human effort to the finished work of Christ. Paul did not teach “Christ and me,” he declared, “Christ in me.”


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