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The Righteous King

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice…”

Proverbs 29:2a KJV

We live in a republic and I am happy for it, but let us not forget that there are other forms of governments in our world. Now most of them are not worth mentioning for obvious reasons; namely that they are utter failures and only serve to oppress people. But I would like to discuss a rule of governing that has been lost in our day. It is the idea of kingship and a kingdom. We tend to think of the concept of a king as tyrannical, but according to the Bible it is the best form of government, with one caveat; a righteous king must be on the throne. Think of the days of Solomon in old Israel and that will give us a point of reference. A man on the throne (think of the joy of no election cycles) who has all authority and will judge and lead in righteousness and you can begin to conceive of a land at rest.

In case you are not convinced that a monarchy trumps (no pun intended) a democracy, fast forward to the return of Christ and consider what form of government will be established in the millennial reign. For a thousand years, the world will experience the rule of the King of Glory on this earth. He will lead with such authority that no one will challenge Him, and the nations of the earth will experience a peace they have never known. Now do not misread me, I love our country, and I am happy, happy, happy, to live in the freedom it allows, but the next governmental rule that the world experiences will not be a republic; it will be a kingship.

Now I would like to suggest that the blessings of that coming kingdom can be experienced now by those who have chosen Jesus as their King. In our personal lives are we embracing Him as our authority? We were never meant to rule our own lives. Just look at the mess we make of things on a regular basis. Take a screen shot of our culture and what we are presently looking at is a society that has lost its way because of self-rule. The pants we are wearing are just too big and the crown we are attempting to wear keeps falling off. We are way over our heads.

I was recently chased down a street near my home by a wild turkey. I was riding my bike and I heard a clicking noise behind me. I turn to see old Tom gaining on me. Looking over into a nearby yard, I saw his harem, enjoying the chase. Tom was ruling as a king over his flock and his girls were at perfect peace. There is a joy that comes to the heart of one who has given up control to the One who is in complete control. Is He your King? One more thought before I go. We have to get off the high place before He sits down. Jesus does not share His throne.

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