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Free-Will Glory

One of the most precious words in all the Bible is the word, “whosoever.” I have lately been celebrating the beautiful thought that God offers His Christ to, “whosoever will may come.” There are no qualifying factors of age, or sex, or people group, that must be met in order to be saved. The rich and the poor come as equals and are equally welcomed. The doors of God’s kingdom are swung open wide, because when Christ died, He died for every single man, women, and child that has ever walked the face of the earth. He did not die for a select group of favorites, but for every sinner. His blood was poured out for all.

The word, “whosoever,” occurs 183 times in 163 verses in the Bible. Our minds naturally gravitate to its most famous usage in John 3:16. “For God so loved the world…that whosoever.” The Greek word for whosoever means; every, everyone, any, etc. The word is not wrapped in a mystery that only a theologian can decipher. It’s as plain as the nose on our faces. Whosoever means WHOSOEVER. It’s not rocket science. Praise the Lord. All men can come to the cross and receive forgiveness and redemption. It’s not a choice between sovereignty or free-will. Both are celebrated in scripture. It is twisting the bible to say otherwise.

I had a good friend recently refer to my simplistic approach to the concept of the “whosoever”, and the free will of man to choose salvation, as microwave theology. Guilty as charge. I agree with him. It is microwave theology. But when a meal comes fully cooked, all that is needed is a microwave to heat it up. If you have to go to twenty other verses to “make” whosoever mean only the elect, that should tell you something. You can make any verse say what you want by mixing a plethora of verses together, but you end up with “false teaching stew.” Let no man deceive you. It’s a serious error to teach that God choses men to go to hell. The bible teaches no such “monster in heaven.”

The truth of “whosoever will” is so beautifully simple and straight forward, that all you need is a few minutes in a microwave and it’s ready to eat. In fact, to put it in the oven and expose it to the extreme heat of human reasoning and Bible verse gymnastics, is the burn and ruin it. Let the Bible speak for itself. Open John 3:16 to the man on the street and ask him who the whosoever is referring to, and he’ll come to the right conclusion. Turn that same verse over to a group of heavy-headed Bible students, who want to cook the thing to death, and you won’t even recognize the word, “whosoever,” when they get done.

The word, “whosoever” also means that the decision to be saved is the sinners to make. He is accountable for his eternal destiny and there is only one sin that will determine that destiny.

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