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And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.

Daniel 12:3 ESV

It is again that time of year when we celebrate freedom in our country. We look back to those who sacrificed so much to give us the liberties that we enjoy today. And even though our country is not in the best place right now, it is still important to thank God for a land where we can live in relative peace and security. It is also vital to remember why our country began so as not to waste the opportunities it affords. Each week I stand and preach the gospel in the pulpit of my church and I am not hindered, yet. For that singular thing I honor those who fought so valiantly to obtain and then preserve our freedoms.

Last week I made an exciting discovery while researching my ancestors. My 4th great grandfather on my mother’s side, Aaron Smith, fought in the Revolutionary War in the Connecticut regiment under Colonel Charles Webb. He fought at Boston and then attempted to defend New York City against the Royal Navy. But it is what I discovered at the end of my study that astounded me. While researching the documents of Connecticut’s 19th regiment, in which he served, I came across a list of soldiers and officers that crossed the Delaware river on December 25, 1776. There, close to the bottom of the list, was private Aaron Smith. My great grandfather4 was involved in that famous crossing of the Delaware in which George Washington is pictured in a boat fighting through the icy currents. Twenty-four hundred men fought their way across that river and then marched all night long to reach Trenton, New Jersey by nine o’clock. They surprised the Hessian troops and won the second major victory of the Revolutionary War. That victorious battle energized America when most had given up on the idea of independence.

Nothing is recorded concerning what my great grandfather4 did, but it is what he did not do that means so much to me. With literally hundreds of men deserting Washington everyday Aaron Smith stayed the course, fought the battles, and served his country. When the going got tough he refused to abandon his General or his country.

We will soon face a battle that will be greater than the Revolutionary War. There is another upheaval coming to this world, but it is not political, it will be spiritual. Soon our freedom of speech will be taken away and to share Jesus Christ will become a criminal act. Will you be faithful in that day, faithful to our great General and the Kingdom that He is bringing. We honor the men and women who made America great and free, but a greater honor is coming to those who stand by the gospel and Jesus Christ. The Prophet Daniel declared that those who turn many to righteousness will shine like the stars of heaven. Stay faithful until the end my fellow soldiers.

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