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Who is to Blame for this Mess

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.

Joel 2:28a KJV

Finger-pointing is as reactionary in human nature as a smile is when a friend walks in the room. We naturally look to divert culpability when the pea soup hits the floor, and the broccoli mysteriously ends up in the dog’s mouth. Furthermore, there are those who feel the need to find out who “did the deed” before we can all move on. Healthy or not it is our reality. So, let’s play the blame game on a bigger stage. Who is to blame for our present world situation which seems very bleak. Is it the dastardly politicians who should hang or the power-hungry government officials who are at fault? How about Hollywood? The rich and famous are always a good target or does the chaos we are witnessing emulate from the corrupted throne of Satan itself? Perhaps, the yearning masses, who desire to be free from tyrannical rule, are the cause of our dilemma? If they would just know their place and submit to authority, then we could all get on with life. I do not believe that any of these are the reason for our present trouble. I have a hypothesis that may surprise you. It is the Holy Spirit who is to blame for the turmoil the world is experiencing. It is the third person of the Trinity who is stirring the pot of pandemonium and seasoning the cauldron of chaos and it all started on the day of Pentecost.

The Apostle Peter stood on the roof of one of larger homes in Jerusalem and watched in disbelief as his fellow Jews misinterpreted one of the most amazing events in human history. “They are drunk,” they shouted concerning the men who were being used by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel. Nothing could be further from the truth, Peter thought, and suddenly an Old Testament prophecy from Joel came to mind. Waving the crowd to silence Peter quoted the Scripture found in the book of the prophet. The apostle explained that what they were witnessing was the Holy Spirit being poured out on humanity. From that day on the world has been different because of the Holy Spirit’s work in all mankind. Everything in our world changed that day. The result of this amazing phenomenon is that people would, until Jesus returned, dream dreams and see visions. What are these dreams and visions you may ask and how do they account for the mess we are experiencing?

The result of the Holy Spirit being poured out on humanity is that mankind, throughout the last 2000 years, is constantly being confronted with the claims of Jesus Christ. The results of turning away from God’s claim over their lives they dream that they are gods. Furthermore, they have visions of uniting together to challenge God’s authority. What we are watching is a modern-day Babylon wherein men are attempting to build a tower to Heaven and challenge God Himself. However, the towers of insanity men are building will not save them from the judgment of God. The prophecy Peter quoted has been the ongoing commentary of the last 2000 years. The Holy Spirit is drawing men’s hearts to Christ, and at the same time, depending on man’s reaction to Him, driving men into spiritual insanity. Satan’s desire is to have mankind quietly track a path to hell, while God’s desire is to awaken mankind to warn him of the eternal fire. Let the pot of humanity boil over, it is the claims of Christ that will rule in the end.

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