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Be bold and courageous

But this I say, brethren, the time is short…

1 Cor 7:29a KJV

As time grows short, and the sun sets on the distant horizon, our communication regarding Jesus Christ needs to become clear and concise. We know that we only have so much time left, and it is no time to mix words. And so, I won’t. It is impossible to look out over the events of our world and not be amazed at what we are seeing. I have often wondered when the time of His return grew close, would we see the walls closing in? Would we feel the pinch and know that His return is near? My question has been answered in these last few years.

What began as a pandemic has blossomed into a full-blown world changing movement with tentacles reaching into other areas. The desire for our world leaders, to exert complete control over us, is obvious even to unbelievers. The emergence of a vaccine passport to be able to eat at a restaurant is the beginning of what will eventually become the mark of the beast. This passport will be required to buy and sell. A passport used to be for the purpose of entering a different country, but we will soon need it to travel within our own country. Our freedoms are being stripped away.

With all the talk of cryptocurrency and bitcoins a cashless society is just around the corner. Our emails, text messages and phone conversations are all under the surveillance of those in authority. Privacy and personal freedoms are on the chopping block of a world system that is hungry for power. The last time there were shortages on the shelves of our stores was during World War II. Mark it down, we are at war. Educational systems are now nothing more than propaganda machines as children are taught that it is not the content of their character that matters, it is the color of their skin. Imagine young and impressionable minds being fed that garbage. Society is divided over mask wearing and vaccine mandates as misinformation fills the airways on both sides. There is an evil afoot behind all these moves in our culture and in our world. The insane decisions being made, not only in our country, but in every country of the world defies rational thinking. I am not a timesetter, but if the church is not taken out in the next few years I will be surprised.

How should the church respond to this barrage of world changing events? Seize the opportunity to preach Jesus in clear and uncompromising ways. Don’t just invite people to church, tell them plainly what is going on and that Jesus is coming soon! I recently had a conversation with a lady who is not a Christian. She tried to explain her confusion and dismay at the world she now lived in. She appeared speechless. We have been privileged to live until such a time as this, and this is not the time to run for the hills and wait for His return. This is the time to be bold and courageous concerning the gospel. People are hungry.


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